- Poland -

Mentor S.A.

www.mentor.pl show more info
- Italy -

Broker Net Italia srl.

www.brokernetitalia.it show more info
- Argentina -


www.maklerseguros.com.ar show more info
- Australia -

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- Austria -

Allrisk Leue & Nill

www.allrisk-leue.at show more info
- Belgium -

Van Dessel

www.vandessel.be show more info
- Bolivia -

Kieffer & Asociados

www.kieffer-asociados.com.bo show more info
- Brazil -

Harmonia Corretora De Seguros

www.harmonia.com.br show more info
- Canada -

HUB International HKMB

www.hubinternational.com show more info
- USA -

HUB International HKMB

www.hubinternational.com show more info
- Chile -

Lillienfeld (RiskCo)

www.lilienfeld.cl show more info
- China -

Orix Insurance

orixinsurance.com show more info
- Colombia -

Correcol S.A.

www.correcol.com show more info
- Costa Rica -


www.interseguroscr.com show more info
- Czech Republic -


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- Denmark -


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- Dominican Republic -

Franco Fernandez & Asociados

www.francofernandez.com show more info
- Equador -

Ecuaprimas Cia. Ltda.

www.ecuaprimas.com show more info
- El Salvador -

Consultores de Seguros S.A.

www.consegsal.com.sv show more info
- Finland -

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- France -

AU Group

www.au-group.com show more info
- France -


www.satecassur.com show more info
- Germany -

Leue & Nill GmbH & Co. KG

www.leueundnill.de show more info
- Greece -

Omikron Insurance Brokers

www.omikroninsurance.gr show more info
- Guatemala -


www.conseguros.com.gt show more info
- Hong Kong -

Orix Insurance

www.orixinsurance.com show more info
- India -


www.peraj.com show more info
- Mexico -

Lorant Martinez Salas

www.lorantmms.com show more info
- Marocco -

Alpha Assurances

www.alphaassurances.ma show more info
- Netherlands -

Raetsheren van Orden

www.rhvo.nl show more info
- Nicaragua -

Correduria R&M S.A.

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- Norway -

Norwegian Broker (Soderberg & Partners)

www.norwegianbroker.no show more info
- Panama -

Padeco Seguros Corporation

www.padecoseguros.com show more info
- Paraguay -

Mujica Seguros

www.mujicaseguros.com show more info
- Peru -

Gabel Corredores de Seguros

www.gabelseguros.com.pe show more info
- Singapore -

Orix Insurance

www.orixinsurance.com show more info
- Singapore -

Orix Insurance

www.orixinsurance.com show more info
- Slovakia -


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- Spain -


www.cicor.es show more info
- Sweden -

Soderberg & Partners

www.soderbergpartners.se show more info
- Switzerland -

InvestSuisse AG

www.investsuisse.ch show more info
- Turkey -

Brokers House

www.brokers-house.com show more info
- UK -

Besso Limited

www.besso.co.uk show more info
- Uruguay -

Makler ROU S.A.

www.maklerseguros.com.ar show more info
- USA -

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

www.epicbrokers.com show more info
- Venezuela -

Asegure S.A.

www.asegure.com show more info

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While our network of independent insurance brokers stretches across the five continents, we aim to offer the same extraordinary level of service and tailored assistance through each member brokerage.

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The AESIS family of products and services have been designed to provide international clients with a full suite of risk management tools. We offer competitive packages and customized, a la carte solutions for every insurance need, including.

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Our worldwide scope of intervention enables us to provide Our Clients with the necessary monitoring and assistance their business may need. Find out more about our Members and get familiar with their Companies. For Member Login, go to the bottom of this page and press:

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