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Kieffer & Asociados S.A. Corredores de Seguros

Registration number of the national controlling authority: cc-14

Kieffer & Asociados S.A. Corredores de Seguros

Av. 6 de Agosto #2919 (San Jorge)
La Paz

Tel: +591 2 243 3434
FAX: +591 2 243 1469

About us

Kieffer & Asociados is one of the most solid and well-established companies in the Bolivian insurance and financial landscape.

To look at the history of Bolivia’s most important broker, we need to go back 36 years in time to the city of La Paz, June 2, 1986, when a businessman with vision and a lot of experience decided to become a pioneer in the insurance brokerage business. A promising market full of opportunities awaited this great project so, with experience and great human capital, connections were made between the most important companies in our medium until this day, when it has become a solid company with great technical knowledge and experience, at our clients’ service no matter how much business equity they have.

Position in the Insurance Market Our national presence, with offices in the country’s main capital cities, has allowed us to expand our business portfolio. Over the past nine years, our growth has been sustained. During the year 2021 we have placed $US 44M in the Bolivian insurance market, a fact that makes us proud of this because it is the result of the trust of public and private companies, and of people who believe that experience and knowledge are a guarantee to insure their assets.

Company Representatives

Andrés Kieffer

Executive Vice President

+591 3 338 4980
+591 721 09700

Gonzalo Kieffer


+591 3 338 4975
+591 720 36 757

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