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Mujica Seguros

Registration number of the national controlling authority: 079

Mujica Seguros

Nuestra Señora de la Asunción N° 1295 esquina Lugano - Asunción

Tel: +595 21 4970 42
FAX: +595 4970 42

About Us:

Mujica Seguros: We are an organization dedicated to providing professional insurance and risk management services for companies and individuals. We help our clients to develop solutions for the optimal protection of their assets. We work as the "Insurance Office" of our clients. We add value to their business management, through an active work during the whole process, from the contracting of the insurance to the attention of claims. Our objective is simple: To guarantee the correct protection of your assets.

In 1968 Tito Livio Mujica Varela started his path in insurance, personally providing services to companies and individuals, who were beginning to become aware of the risks and required professional advice at the time of protecting their assets. Today, after so many years, we continue on the same path, more and more passionate about our mission to protect our clients.

Company Representatives

Mr. Tito Livio Mujica Speciale

Responsible for International Business

+595 21 497 042
+595 981 385 001

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