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Padeco Seguros Corporation

Registration number of the national controlling authority: PJ-367

Padeco Seguros Corporation

Plaza Dorchester Building,
Guatemala St. Panama City,

Tel: +507 263-0000
FAX: +507 215-2215

About Us:

Padeco Seguros was founded in 1968 by Apostolos Costarangos as Panameña de Comercio, S.A.In 1982, the group incorporated Cia. Panameña de Productores de Seguros, S.A., COPAPROSE, with Stavros Costarangos and David Perez- Almillano as partners.

Padeco Seguros provides its services through Panameña de Comercio, S.A. and Cia. Panameña de Productores de Seguros, S.A. (COPAPROSE).

Both companies are licensed by the Insurance and Reinsurance Authority of the Republic of Panama. The company is 100% Panamanian owned.

Today Padeco Seguros is recognized as a leading boutique broker that proudly serves its clientele.

Company Representatives

Mr. Stavros Costarangos


+507 263 0000
+507 215 2215

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