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Raetsheren van Orden

Registration number of the national controlling authority: AFM: 12008569

Raetsheren van Orden

Arcadialaan 36A, Postbus 1015,
1810 KA Alkmaar

Tel: +31 72 541 41 51
FAX: +31 72 540 82 66

About Us:

Raetsheren van Orden B.V. is an independent Registered Broker of Assurance (RMiA) and a consultant in the field of risk management and risk financing. Raetsheren van Orden B.V. is part of Raetsheren van Orden Groep B.V.

Raetsheren van Orden B.V. has absolutely no contractual obligations to financial parties such as insurance companies and/or banks. Based on meticulous risk analysis, Raetsheren van Orden B.V. provides an answer to the following key question: what risks can your organization cover itself and what risks should be borne by others?
Risk management is about the inventive elimination, reduction or transferral of risks, and is therefore not always automatically equivalent to insurance.

As a purchaser of insurance solutions, Raetsheren van Orden B.V. can exploit the entire capacity of the national and international co-assurance market to ensure the best deal.

We provide services in the following disciplines; risk analysis, risk advice, risk management, risk financing, including the purchase of insurance solutions, insurance management, claims handling
and claim settlement.

Company Representatives

Mario Hooglugt


+ 31 72 541 41 51
+ 31 (0) 6 264 061 90

Jan A. Zoodsma


+ 31 72 541 41 51
+ 31 (0) 6 302 415 22

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